Artistic Passion
Have you ever noticed
My feelings for you
That ate away at me
During those years
That I saw you give
Your sweet affection
I yearned for, desperately
You had for me, only as a pet
My duty forbade, forbade
This to happen
And the feelings that surrounded
My princess, did you pretend
Not to know my hideous secret?
Screams echo in my head, in dread
As you, princess, destroy my pure soul
Into wanting more of your affection
I don’t blame you, I cannot and never will
It was the chains that chained my beast
Inside me, let free by a simple command
Sawed away, leaving dust
As I see what has become of the sinful me
The lowly servant was mocked
Receiving the empty box
That was thought to be an equal exchange
Even as I burrow myself into a hole
You laugh, and smile
As you, unknowingly, twist the knife deeper
I don’t cry out, all I want is your happiness
My sweet princess, how was I not to know
That rules forbidden the love I hid, only for the lovely you
Death was slowly to come
Engulf me
Trade everything over
Just to catch a glimpse
Of your precious smile
That cuts straight
Through my heart
Tears cried out
In joy
To see you utter a laugh
And softly grin
Any type
That turns
Your lips to curve upwards
Push pins
Through my heart
Just to hear
Your voice
Calling my name
Bitter happiness ebbs away
The sad marbles
I see through
But the most happiness
Granted to me
Is to see you
And talk to the lowly I
Wrap string around
My heart
And pull until no more
Words cannot describe
My happiness
But I messed up
Blotted everything
As I forgot the big picture
Remember that you
Are not mine to take
So tears well
As I know that
Things will never remain the same
I cannot utter the final words
That put shackles onto my feet
On the death bed, I will realize
Punishment will follow
The five words
Poison seeps through my veins
As become envious
Of affection granted
To another
Even though my duties demand
The opposite of my feelings
Foiled at long last
…………………….My Princess…..
Through the years
Faded from my memory
Remembered quite clearly
Despite the haziness
The video camera
The one in my mind
Is out of focus
As my head spins round
The lucid princess
Plays a game with my eyes
The sound of a scream
Not from her, not from her
Battle cries
Echo over and over
The clearest footage
Ever caught
I do not want
Even though
My princess
Shows her fairest smile
But it breaks my heart
To know that afterwards
The smile fades
And pearls of her tears
Dance down her face
Like waterfalls
No more
Will you see
The sadness
Leaking from my heart
You will see
Me becoming strong
To protect
Her magnificent Majesty
The tender princess
Who watched me
From since long ago
How I wished
To watch your smile
Even from far away
The apple tree
Was once small
Now grew
Taller than you
Aged and strong
To fight the world
For its survival
Let it live
Protect against
The terrors
Of the world
For only you
Ages ago
The world
Was thought to be flat
But knowledge
Put the idea to rest
Now it spins
Around and round
As change conflicts
Everything that hangs
In balance by a single thread
That luck and brains are mostly used
Is what wins in poker game
But think they are right, or not?
Heat has overtaken the accursed blood
Colors change from red to blue
Attempted to perform forbidden acts of Magick
How lucky my stars that shattered yesterday
Into lovely ashes, buried underground
I am foolish, for believing in luck
If I encounter a creepy looking person
Then I have to resort
Chaining to a chair, locked in closet
My soul has many colors, Afraid that-
The color scheme is muddled.
Extend your hand, help me stand again.
Faster than wanted
As I blink
The world goes too fast
As everything changes
Unburying conflicted feelings
That I had in the past
Brought up by jealousy
Do not make me say
These shameful things
I rather bury them
Beneath my honor
I am fine
As I remember
How it once was
But if I bring it up
Again, thorns prick
Through my skin
Making me bleed
I rather forget
Then to remember
The pain
I had to go through
The glass
My cries
Cannot penetrate
No matter
How hard I scream
To try to get your attention
When you cast you gaze
And hug me
No matter much I try
To convince myself
It will stay the same
I know that nothing can stay
The same
Because then no life lessons
Will be learnt
Wishful thinking on my part
But a promise is a promise
Even if I break another
In the process
To protect the ones
I love and treasure
And to protect the honor
My treasured knowledge
That once
I knew so well
But soon
As the sun came out
And dreaded time
My treasured knowledge
Of martial arts
Leaving me
With unanswered questions
That I once
A long time ago
Knew all the answers to
Can I master another language before death?
Wishes bring out humans worst.
Can anyone utter knowledge into my brain?
Greedy child
Is what I am
Wanting to learn
And take from everyone
What I never had
To learn another language
Would be great
Then I would not insult
The words of wisdom
From my uttering lips